Simple Gifts Coffee House

Third Thursday Open Mic at Simple Gifts

Come join host Bob Pope for open mic, the third Thursday of each month, September through May.

Open Mic Guidelines

Our mission at Simple Gifts is to provide an outlet for local (acoustic) performers to be heard. We encourage all levels of performers, whether novice or expert, to hone their performance skills and talents in front of an audience. There is a $5 cover charge for all, musicians and people who just wish to listen.

  1. Performances begin at 7:00pm
  2. Sign-up time is 6:30pm. Names will be drawn from a hat for performance slots. Write your name on a slip of paper. Please write clearly!
  3. You get to play 2, maybe 3 songs depending on the size of the list. If there are less than 10 performers you will play 3 songs. If there are 10 or more performers you will play 2 songs.
  4. We provide: 2 microphones, 2 instrument cables, mic stands, and the house sound system. Other than that, bring what you need (for example an extra mic, another cable).
  5. Bands are welcome but Please! No drum kits. Hand drums are acceptable. Do Not Bring Amplifiers! Instruments must be plugged into house sound board. We have volume restrictions and can handle acoustic guitars, electric guitars, keyboards, electric mandolin, even a bass guitar. Keep it simple.
  6. When you are next, please be ready to take the stage when you are called. Your instruments should already be out of their cases and tuned-up.
  7. Tune-up before you go on stage. If you have difficulty tuning don't be embarrassed to ask someone for help. We are all friendly here and we want you to sound your best. Don't lose performance time playing the tune up song.
  8. Perform material that you are comfortable with. We don't expect perfection but it's always best to be as prepared as you can be.
  9. Be considerate of the other performers. Please be quiet and show respect for the performers on stage. Do not play instruments while performers are on stage.
  10. Applaud for everyone. It provides encouragement and you'll see how good it makes you feel when you perform.
  11. Please stay for the performers after yourself. We all like to have an audience and it's all about supporting one another.
  12. Good luck! Most of all have fun and thanks for your support!!!