Our banner
Photo by John Burkitt

Our Banner

by Sue Chadwick

As seen through the beautiful windows that flank our sanctuary, this banner represents the 7 principles plus the Spirit of Life as the foundation of our lives. The words Dignity, Compassion, Acceptance, Search for Truth, Right to Vote, Justice, Web of Life, and Spirit of Life are very subtly embroidered on the rock wall to remind us that even when they're not obvious, our principles are there. The tree coming in through the window represents nature and the web of life and our interconnectedness with nature and the world around us, and is a reminder that we don't just come to church and keep our beliefs inside the church.

The tree also represents our growth along our individual religious paths. Three of the tree branches represent the changing seasons in New Hampshire, one with spring and summer green leaves, one with red, orange, and yellow autumn leaves, and one with snow. The multicolored leaf branch represents our commitment to be a welcoming congregation and also our appreciation of diversity and individuality. The branch with musical notes signifies our love of music, creativity, and passion. The two children represent our sense of family and friendship, and our hope for the future. The one in shorts on the snow shows it's good to be unique. The chalice represents our fire within and our call to action.

The Banner Committee

the Banner Committee
Photo by John Burkitt

I merely contributed a small spark of an idea - but was smart enough to gather talented artists of the cloth and needle and set them loose. Each contributed ideas, time, and much talent. I would like to thank Grethe Golden, Joan Connacher, Anya Zakiewicz, Rosalie Kuehn, Tina Cleaveland, Zoe Goodell, Suzi and Jenny Grossman and especially Kathy Grossman who led the sewing team and put countless hours into this project.