Staff and Leaders

The Staff

Rev. Janet Newman
Rev. Dr. Janet Newman
Interim Minister Message to Rev. Newman
Sherri Woolsey
Sherri Woolsey
Church Administrator
Membership Coordinator
Message to Sherri Woolsey
Meredith Olson
Meredith Olson
Interim Director of Lifespan Religious Education Message to Meredith Olson
Jed Holland, Music Director
Jed Holland
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Sandra Martinage

For appointments with any staff member, please call the office at 882-1091.


Board of Trustees (2014-2015)

Harry Purkhiser, President
Dave Hudson, Vice-President
Mike Wilt, Treasurer
Mary Licking, Clerk
Pat Ladew
Kate O'Shea
Lance Pratt
Rick Spitz
Carol Wagner

Committee Chairs

Cemetery Association: Ellen McCormick

Denominational Connections: Mary Licking

Investment Review: Bob Sampson

Membership: Emma Sousa

Music: Kathy Grossman

Nominating: Chip McGee

Pastoral Care: Eileen Herring

Personnel: Jon Lasselle

Property: Mike Wilt

Public Relations: Bill Kennedy

Religious Education: Julia Fletcher

Social Activities: Jenn Morton

Social Justice: Marty Storer

Spiritual Development: Jerry Ross

White Wing School: Amy Savoie

Worship Associates

John Sanders , Convener
Frona Avery
Burns Fisher
Kathy Fletcher
Roy Goodman
Rev. Janet Newman Message to Rev. Newman
Pam Jordan Message to Pam Jordan
Sharon Machado Message to Sharon Machado
Harry Purkhiser
Anya Zakiewicz