6 The Unitarian Universalist Association

What world-wide goals and values does the Unitarian Universalist Association promote in its Statement of Purpose and Principles?

Where are the headquarters of the UUA?

The Association's headquarters are at 25 Beacon Street in Boston. We elect a full-time president every four years who manages the organization and represents it in the religious and secular world. Each June, delegates from congregations throughout the nation meet in a five-day General Assembly to hear reports, elect officers and take positions on public issues.

There are approximately 1,025 congregations in North America (and a few in other parts of the world) who are affiliated with the UUA. Compared to most mainline Protestant denominations, we are quite small. However, we have enjoyed a slow but steady growth since the late 1970s.

How is the president of the UUA selected?

Every four years at the UU General Assembly, the delegates and recognized proxies elect a president, who probably began campaigning 18 months earlier for the full-time office. If eligible for reelection, the president usually runs unopposed for one additional four-year term.

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