Interim Director of Lifespan Religious Education

Spiritual Development

The goal of Spiritual Development, formerly Adult Religious Education, is to provide experiences and resources that encourage the personal religious development of individuals as members of our congregational community and the Unitarian Universalist tradition. We endeavor to do this by offering a variety of activities, discussion groups, workshops and courses designed to further each person's individual search for truth and meaning and their exploration and understanding of Unitarian Universalist history and principles and their application to living in today's world.

  • Covenant Groups - Covenant groups provide an opportunity to build supportive relationships with others while seeking to make meaning of their lives. For our congregation, it builds spiritual community.
  • Pathways to Unitarian Universalism - The Spiritual Development Committee works with the minister and other individuals and committees in the congregation to hold introductory workshops throughout the year for potential new members or those interested in learning more about Unitarian Universalism.
  • Movies That Matter (aka Popcorn Theology) - A movie or video is screened monthly, followed by a discussion focusing on issues stimulated by the movie that are relevant to being a Unitarian Universalist in today's society. Recent viewings include 'Frontline - Being Mortal' and 'Pay 2 Play'.
  • Courses and Workshops - Seminars and workshops are offered at various times during the church year to enhance members' understanding of the history and principles of Unitarian Universalism and to foster personal development in their beliefs, spirituality, and practices.
  • Buddhist Meditation - The Nashua Buddhist Meditation Group offers a regular space for Church and community members to join together to practice meditation and to provide opportunities to study the dharma with longtime practitioners and students of Buddhism.
  • Reiki Drum Circle - Once each month, the Reiki Drum group gathers to share Reiki healing and spiritual meditation journey ending with community spirit drumming.