Interim Director of Lifespan Religious Education

About Us, Who We Are

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashua, New Hampshire will be a beacon of liberal religious thought and action whose members are committed to the search for truth and meaning, the acceptance of diversity, and the promotion of social justice within a supportive and caring community.

Our Mission and Covenant

Embracing the Purposes and Principles of Unitarian Universalism and the Vision we have chosen, as members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashua, New Hampshire, we will:

  • Support and respect one another in our searches for meaning, value, and personal/spiritual growth;
  • Join with one another in providing, nurturing, and celebrating a free religious community through common worship, shared activities, and programs for all ages;
  • Promote a sense of family within the congregation through mutual support and friendship, and by attending to each other's needs;
  • Be a positive presence for, and work to create, a more just, humane and caring society through outreach to our local community and to the wider human family.

Our DRAFT Covenant of Right Relationships

Mindful of one another’s inherent worth and dignity, we all covenant:

  • To each bring our best selves to this place
  • To listen intently
  • To speak honestly and thoughtfully
  • To trust in one another’s good intentions and recognize that our action and words have an impact regardless of our intentions
  • And when we find communication is difficult, we will ask for help and be open to loving guidance from others
We use NVC and Restorative Circles (a means by which folks who have fallen out of covenant, can get back into covenant) as further examples that we continue to work on our growing edges of conflict and communication.

Our Priorities

In addition to our ongoing efforts to enhance and re-invigorate our spiritual development, religious education, congregational fellowship, community involvement, and social and environmental justice programs consistent with our mission and covenant, in January 2012, our Board adopted three strategic priorities, based on input from the congregation that we collected in the fall of 2011 when we knew that we would be facing a ministerial transition.

One of these priorities is the Retention of Youth and Attracting Young Adults into the Congregation. We do not see a great many young adults at Sunday services or at other church events, nor are they likely to see us at one of their gatherings. We believe our church would be an attractive spiritual home for young families, yet we do not see as many joining the congregation as we might hope. We acknowledge that engaging 18-35 year-olds will be challenging, but we believe more could be done to attract and retain youth and young adults. Our goal is for young people to feel welcomed into our church community. We would like the young people that grow up in our church to share an enduring sense of acceptance and belonging to this place wherever the wind may take them. We strive to create an attractive and enticing atmosphere for youthful newcomers and young families, drawing them in and smoothly integrating them into our church family.

The other two priorities are the All-Church Social Justice Project and the Improved Communication Project. At the end of the 2012-2013 church year, progress against these priorities was assessed, opportunities for further improvement were identified, and new objectives for the next two years were defined. Work on all three priorities is continuing and is scheduled to be re-assessed in the near future.